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Anger- Why it is bad to have too much anger!

JF | Published sat Sep 16, 2017 6:57 pm | 1029 Views

Growing up, I was never someone who was a very aggressive person. I was a happy child. I had fun and played with my friends and toys. It was the same as I grew up and went to high school then college. It wasn't until I joined the army that my anger started to develop. While I was in I didn't realize how bad it was. I had outlets to help me deal with it and it got really bad after my deployment to Iraq. 

Upon getting out of the military I went up and down with my emotions. I would get super sad and emo. Then I would be happy and on cloud nine and then I would just be angry and a danger to be around. Everyone in my life had to walk on egg shells around me. What happened to the happy go lucky girl I use to be?

Being around someone who is angry and negative is very toxic. It is bad for yourself and for those that you love. It can break friendships, relationships and everything around you. It could impact your job and even your health. Being angry all the time is not the way to live life. So I realized it was up to me to make the changes in myself. You can someone help you as much as they can but in the end it comes down to you. 

So here is a few things that I am doing that I know will help me and get me through moments when I might be a bit on edge. 

1: Have a Rock- Have someone who you can talk to. Someone who is on your side and will listen. If it is something that you know is a good reason to be mad about then express it. Never hold it in because it could turn you into a volcano. If it is irrational then take time for yourself and get your mind back where it should be. 

2: Have an activity- Have something that you really love to do. Something that can occupy your mind and keep your brain stimulated so you can't fall down the rabbit hole of anger. It can be anything like, writing, creating something, going for a walk just something that can keep you occupied. 

3: Be Positive- The first thing that goes out the window when you angry is positivity! If you find yourself on the brink of being mad, find something positive through the day. Remind yourself daily of the good things you have in your life. 

4: Think of your Loved Ones- This can go for any bad emotions you are feeling. Think of how this will effect your relationships. If you are angry and negative all the time, it will make the people you love pull away. Yet if you are positive it will draw them too you. You wan to be a bright shinning light not a cloud that ruins others days! 

Those are my tips on how to help with anger. I know it will help with me is because if I give myself time to sit and stew and think too much then I can get angry and aggressive. When I doing things that makes me feel like I accomplished something for the day then it doesn't give me time to let those negative thoughts and emotions build up! 

I hope that helps anyone who might be angry or just have negative emotions. Smile, be happy and remember it is never as bad as it seems! 



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